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The active, friendly Democrats of Sunnyvale, CA  
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The Democratic Club of Sunnyvale is an active and welcoming group that promotes progressive, Democratic values and positions. We provide a welcoming group for those in the Sunnyvale, CA, area to meet and promote Democratic causes. Join us to meet other people in this major Silicon Valley city where you can make the most use of your Democratic ideas and energy!

January Meeting:

Stanford Professor and author, Clayton Nall will present ""What Do Local Voters Think About Housing Policy? And What Does It Mean for Local Politics?"

His presentation will cover a mix of topics, including results of a new academic survey and a brief postmortem of the Palo Alto City Council race.

Clayton Nall is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University.  His research focuses on American political geography, with a focus on the ways that public policy creates place-based interests.  Clayton's book manuscript, The Road to Inequality, currently under contract at Cambridge University Press, examines how the largest public works project in US history created Republican suburbs and increased the urban-suburban political divide, leading to reduced investment in urban infrastructure.  His new research program examines local attitudes towards housing and the new political coalitions emerging around new housing construction.  His research articles have appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Statistical Science, and The Lancet.  In Fall 2016, he worked as a volunteer voter mobilization strategist for the four party-endorsed candidates for the Palo Alto City Council.

Saturday January 21st  * 2 to 4pm  *  Fairbrae Swim Club  *   696 Sheraton Ave. *   Sunnyvale CA

ADEM Elections:

Congratulations to Club members elected as CADEM delegates:

Lucas Ramirez, Emily Ramos, Steve Chessin, Shay Franco-Clausen and Sally Lieber.



Please join us for a protest rally against Arby's at 501 S. Bernardo Avenue in Sunnyvale on Wednesday, February 8 at 5:00 p.m.  (see the flyer and https://www.facebook.com/events/243837119369296/). Arby's has not only failed to pay a state court wage theft judgment (attached), but it has also received a recent federal court judgment for wage theft (failure to pay wages and provide uninterrupted meal breaks), sexual harassment, sexual battery, wrongful termination, and retaliation.  (attached).  Finally, the National Labor Relations Board has found that Arby's has committed multiple unfair labor practices involving a number of workers.  Laura Lopez and Miriam Andrade, the two workers with judgments, will present a letter to Arby's requesting that it satisfy both judgments.  We need you to support the protest rally by attending and mobilizing your members.  We need to show Arby's that it can't ignore judgments and that there are consequences for wage theft and abuse of workers. 

Our  legislative goal is to enact a Wage Theft Policy and Ordinance in Sunnyvale and other North County cities that is similar to the wage theft policy and ordinance enacted in San Jose.  We hope to shine a spotlight on Arby's and highlight the high incidence of wage theft in this area.

Please let us know if you can attend and how many people you can bring.   We need your support.   

Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition
Fight for $15
Responsible Development San Jose
Working Partnerships, USA
Laborers Local 970
Santa Clara County Building Trades Council
Pilipino Association for Workers and Immigrants
Silicon Valley Workers' Project

Club Committees

DCS currently has several active committees and task forces:

Affordable Housing Committee: Developing a Club plan for addressing the lack of affordable housing in Sunnyvale and other income equality issues. To join, contact affordablehousingcommittee@sunnyvaledems.org.

Wage Theft Committee: Working on issues related to stopping Wage Theft in our community. To join conact Carol Weiss at carolrlweiss@gmail.com.

Age Friendly Committee : Looking at ways to make Sunnyvale more Age Friendly. To join the committee, contact Nancy Smith at ncsmith@gmail.com

Hospitality Committee: Providing refreshments and other activities for our Club meetings. To support the committee or to volunteer to bring snacks contact Marge Goka at teardropowner@gmail.com.


January 21st Meeting
Clayton Nall on the connections between local land use, inequality and social mobility. 

All Meetings (except December)
Third Saturday of the month
2pm to 4pm
Fairbrae Swim Club
696 Sheraton Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA



Sunnyvale City Council
  Congratulations to:  
  Nancy Smith - Seat 6  
  Larry Klein - Seat 4  
  Also, congratulations to Russ Melton and Michael Goldman for successful campaigns.  

CA 17

Congratulations to Ro Khanna our new congressman for U.S. Congressional District 17!

We thank Mike Honda for his years of service in Congress.


AD 24

Congratulations to Marc Berman our new State Assembly Member.

We also congratulate Vicki Veenker for an outstanding campaign.

Measure A - Affordable Housing - PASSED!

Measure B - VTA Transportation Measure - PASSED!


Measure M - Public Lands Act





  Affordable Housing  
  Wage Theft