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The active, friendly Democrats of Sunnyvale, CA  
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The Democratic Club of Sunnyvale is an active and welcoming group that promotes progressive, Democratic values and positions. We provide a welcoming group for those in the Sunnyvale, CA, area to meet and promote Democratic causes. Join us to meet other people in this major Silicon Valley city where you can make the most use of your Democratic ideas and energy!

February Meeting: Alternative Electoral Systems

Do you know what "instant runoff voting" and "proportional representation" are? At our next club meeting, Steve Chessin will describe alternative electoral systems to the plurality-based "numbered seat" system Sunnyvale currently uses, and will explain how they might result in a more truly representative city council.

Also, at our next meeting, we will be collecting items needed at the Sunnyvale homeless shelter:

Flip flop shower shoes (available at the dollar store)
Women's under garments and feminine hygiene supplies (pads)
Socks for men, women and children
De-caffeinated tea, lemons/oranges, honey, hot chocolate packets
Twin size sheets and blankets
Rain ponchos
Carrying bags with handles (including clean gym bags, day packs, shopping bags and tote bags)
Reading glasses
Books for their mini library
February 20th   * 2 to 4 pm   *    Fairbrae Swim Club   *    696 Sheraton Avenue  *   Sunnyvale CA 94087


2016 California Democrats State Convention

Date: Friday, February 26 – Sunday, February 28, 2016

Address: 150 W San Carlos St., San Jose, CA

Club Endorsements

The Sunnyvale Democratic Club has endorsed the following candidates or resolutions:

  • A dual endorsement of Mike Honda and Ro Khanna for U.S. Congress CA 17.
  • A vote opposing the automatic endorsement of the incumbent at the CADEM pre-endorsement meeting.
  • Vicki Veenker for State Assembly District 24.

Club Committees

DCS currently has several active committees and task forces:

Candidates Committee: Identifying potential candidates for Sunnyvale City Council and other offices in 2015. To join, contact candidatescommittee@sunnyvaledems.org.

Affordable Housing Committee: Developing a Club plan for addressing the lack of affordable housing in Sunnyvale and other income equality issues. To join, contact affordablehousingcommittee@sunnyvaledems.org.

Wage Theft Committee: Working on issues related to stopping Wage Theft in our community. To join conact Carol Weiss at carolrlweiss@gmail.com.

Platform Committee: Working on a Club Platform to be used to as a basis for Club endorsements. To join the committee, contact Nancy Smith at ncsmith@gmail.com

Hospitality Committee: Providing refreshments and other activities for our Club meetings. To support the committee or to volunteer to bring snacks contact Marge Goka at teardropowner@gmail.com.


February 20th Meeting
Alternative Electoral Systems.

March Meeting

All Meetings

Third Saturday of the month
2pm to 4pm
Fairbrae Swim Club
696 Sheraton Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA




  Affordable Housing  
  Wage Theft  
  Public Lands for Public Use Act  

-Analysis of the Impact of the Act by Management Partners